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Friday 19 September 2014

InRange keeps mobiles on tight leash

Published 22/03/2014 | 02:30

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Philips InRange Bluetooth Leash Wireless Security Price:€50 Rating:****

Philips InRange Bluetooth Leash Wireless Security Price: €50 Rating: ****

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A friend of mine is a goldmine for technology companies, especially smartphone manufacturers. It's not because he lusts after the latest versions of things.

Rather, it's because he has a remarkable talent for leaving gadgets behind in shops, cafés and taxis, necessitating a new phone every few months. Philips has come up with a gadget that will find a welcome home with this friend and, I suspect, thousands of others around the country. It's a small widget with a Bluetooth connection that alerts you any time one of your other Bluetooth gadgets (such as your phone, tablet or iPod) drifts out of range.

In other words, if you leave a pub without your phone, the gadget will go off. It's small enough to fit into most purses and some wallets. It depends, of course, on you keeping your phone's Bluetooth connection on, which saps your handset's battery life a little quicker. Still, if it saves on phone-replacement, it's a decent investment.

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