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Huawei brings budget G-whizz

Published 04/04/2015 | 02:30

Huawei Ascend
Huawei Ascend

It's pronounced 'wow-way', not 'hoo-wow-way'. The pedantry is because we'll be hearing a lot more about this company's handsets soon. The reason is that it's making phones with 90pc of the features of flagship rivals and selling them for 50pc of the price. The Ascend G7 is a perfect example. It's a very decent-looking 5.5-inch Android model with 4G, a good (13-megapixel) camera, a fast processor and 16GB of storage. Clever design tweaks include two built-in antennae which allow it to maximise the phone signal depending on which way you're holding it.

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This sounds minor but it's not in areas where the phone signal is patchy. But the killer feature here is its price: €275 unsubsidised is less than half the price of high-end rivals. This is a really decent alternative for those looking for high-end features on a budget.

Huawei Ascend G7 Price: €275 from The Carphone Warehouse Rating: *****

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