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Sunday 23 July 2017

Hail the €50 smartphone

Microsoft Lumia 435 Price: €50 from Tesco Mobile Rating: HHHH

Depending on your viewpoint, Microsoft's latest smartphone is a piece of cheap tat or a bargain. I lean a little more toward the latter view. This is about as low-end as you can get in a smartphone without going back to buttons. The 4-inch phone has a bog-standard screen, a 2-megapixel camera (yes, they still make them that low) and a 2003-era 0.3-megapixel selfie camera. There's no 4G, but you do get a memory card slot to expand the phone's 8GB of storage up to 128GB if you want. Because it runs Windows, you'll miss out on quite a few apps, though plenty of the basics are there. This is basically the kind of device that Nokia (now Microsoft) would have had planned for developing countries. But it's hard to argue with a smartphone for €50.

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