Friday 24 March 2017

Facebook tracks its users even when they are logged off the website – specialist reporters

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Getty Images
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Getty Images

Facebook continues to trace its users even after they have logged off the site, according to an Australian specialist.

The discovery has led to fears of oversharing as the company’s profits improve the more users it decides to share.

According to Nik Cubrilovic, who concluded tests, when a user logs out of Facebook, instead of deleting its tracking cookies, the site modifies them, which means that account information and other information is maintained.

And whenever a user visits a web page that contains a Facebook button, the browser is still sending debt of his or her movements back to Facebook.

In addition, it has emerged that the company’s new Timeline feature, contains a feature that allows users to see who removed them from their friend’s lists.

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