Friday 20 October 2017

Facebook just made all your public posts searchable

facebook bloomberg pic
facebook bloomberg pic
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Last year, Facebook expanded it's search to include posts and today they've announced an expansion to the search function called 'Search FYI'.

'Search FYI' now provides access to the entire Facebook catalog of more than two trillion posts. Everything that has ever been posted publicly is now searchable by other users.

Users wishing to keep their posts from search results will need to change their Facebook privacy settings to limit past posts to 'just friends'. 

When a term is typed into the search will now show users a 'happening now' stream, how many people are talking about it and a link to Facebook-decided 'ligitimate news sources'. Organisations 'liked' by the user will rank higher in this recommendation screen.

'Search FYI' is seen as Facebook's major attempt to take down their number one competitor, Twitter, as a real-time source of live updates and breaking news. The fact that Facebook's posts are longer, thereby allowing for more information, is the social network's ace in the hole in their fight against Twitter for the number one 'trusted news source'.

Facebook recently rolled out 'Facebook Instant articles' for all users with partners like Buzzfeed, Vox and The New York Times. These allow publishers to publish directly onto Facebook which means articles load ten times faster for the user.

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