Tuesday 27 June 2017

Ellen Pao quits as Reddit CEO over user revolt

Ellen Pao
Ellen Pao
Independent.ie Newsdesk

Independent.ie Newsdesk

Reddit Chief Executive Ellen Pao is to step down with the popular social news platform in turmoil over the way the company handled the dismissal of a well-liked employee last week

The site's former Director of Talent, Victoria Taylor, was dismissed from the company, prompting moderators to shut down in protest roughly 300 discussion sections, also known as subreddits.

Pao apologized for not communicating well enough with the site's users on big changes like the dismissal, as well as for a history of broken promises made to the community.

However, the apology didn't seem to appease many users - although both Reddit and Pal said that the decision was mutual and the uproar didn't spur the move. 

“We had different views in the potential growth rate in users for Reddit this year,” she said in an interview. “We couldn’t come to an agreement on that and I decided to step down.”

Steve Huffman, a Reddit co-founder, is taking over as CEO.

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