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Thursday 19 October 2017

Bits and bytes

Google has tweaked its image search engine to deliver much more precise results and a more attractive way to navigate the pictures.

So now you can find, for example, that exact photo of "Megan Fox bikini" or "George Clooney swimming trunks" -- which you wanted purely for scientific research, yes?

  • Microsoft's new camera-based controller Kinect for Xbox shows huge potential to tap into the Wii-style market, but could face an uphill struggle after pricing was confirmed for a whopping €150.

Due to go on sale in November, Kinect will be bundled with one game to sweeten the deal but two-thirds of the cost of a new console sounds a big ask for a controller.

  • The mobile networks unveiled their iPad SIM tariffs last week and some of them look awfully similar.

O2 and Vodafone both offer near identical plans (€4 a day, €20 a month) but O2 throws in access to WiFi hotspots.

Three, meanwhile, went for a different download-based approach (€10 for 1GB, €20 for 15GB)

  • Tired of the same old guff on TV? Tap into the small but growing trend for fan-funded drama by donating to independent TV producers as they make their shows.

The latest is Pioneer One, a US sci-fi series that has so far produced one episode and needs more cash to make the rest. Download the first ep free and decide for yourself.

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