Thursday 17 August 2017

Apple updates iTunes for iPad launch

Emma Beaumont

Apple has released the latest version of iTunes in preparation for the US launch of the iPad on Saturday.

The latest version, iTunes 9.1 , now includes iPad syncing functionality and an iBooks support package.

This means that when the first iPad purchasers plug in their devices on Saturday, all of the music, movies and now ebooks stored on their computers will sync with the tablet-style handset.

The interface has not radically changed but support for iBooks has been included in the software update, which allows users to sync ebooks stored on their computer to the iPad.

There have also been some amendments to the Genius music feature. Users will now be able to rename, rearrange and removes track mixes that have been generated by the tool – which combines “songs that go great together” – according to Apple.

Technology blog, Mashable, said that the release was “all about making sure that the iPad experience goes smoothly on Saturday.

By releasing the software early, they can find and remove any final bugs before one of the most important product launches in the company’s history”.

Separately, a US university is to provide free iPads and a MacBook laptop to every new full time student arriving at the start of the new academic year in September 2010.

Seton Hill University, a small liberal arts academic institution based in Pennsylvania, will give away the devices as part of its Griffin Technology Advantage Program – which aims to grow digital literacy among its students.

Students are allowed full access to the devices during classes and personal time.

They are able to download textbooks from the iBook store – which marks a growing US shift to provide students with ebooks rather than physical textbooks.

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