Wednesday 22 October 2014

50 best video games


Wii Sports
'The game that brought the world the 'Wii elbow',' says Rebecca Armstrong, 'Wii Sports might have injured a few dozy players but it did get them off the sofa in the first place. Golf, bowling, boxing, baseball, tennis - each sport showcases the motion-sensitive nature of the Wii. Also well worth a go - if you can find one - is the bestselling Wii Fit, which takes the exertion up a few notches.'
'This pricier-than-average download might seem like a common-or-garden platformer but take the time to explore it and Braid will reward you like no other title out now,' says Rebecca. 'It takes gaming stereotypes - lovelorn hero on a quest to save his beloved, a puzzle- filled world - and turns them on their head with style and wit.' Rick Porter agrees: 'Haunting and intelligent, this is a puzzle title that must be experienced.'
Pokemon Diamond / Pearl
Alongside the Japanese-styled games - in which you try and collect all the 'Pokémon' - the brand spawned a TV show, mass merchandise and even a series of films. However, the game behind it all still remains a great adventure beneath the childish kitsch. This version is the latest, and although it hasn't developed hugely it's still a game that is great for the kids - and any adults who might stumble across it as well

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