Thursday 29 January 2015

10 best mp3 docks


Fatman iTube 452 Valve Dock
The best-looking dock ever? Most probably. The price is jaw-dropping, but audio quality makes it worth every penny. Your iPod will never sound better.
Grundig Emanate
We may be leaning closer towards a sub-freezing apocalyptic ice age than beach weather, but the Emanate copes just as well indoors as it does buried in the sand. The player throws out a big sound and is sturdier than an anchored brick.
Krell KID
The KID (Krell Interface Dock) is a pricey option, but the stunning, discreet design and mind-boggling sound that this produces is worth every penny.
Revo iBlik
iPod docks are so prevalent now that standing still long enough will probably result in someone trying to lodge their iPod in your ear. Combining a dock with a DAB Radio makes sense, though, and there's nought finer than Revo's DAB and Wi-Fi internet radio-collecting wunderkind.
Vita Audio R4 IMS
The Vita is a shiny wooden box of music-swallowing goodness, containing an 80W 3D stereo system with a slot-loading CD player (remember them?), and support for every MP3 player in existence.
Lars and Ivan 'BoBo' BK 21
If we move away from the rather embarrassing fact that 'BoBo' stands for 'bohemian and bourgeois', what's left is a quality chunk of Perspex and design. Bass and treble are as clear as the machine's protruding driver housings.
B&W Zeppelin
With a sexy, aerodynamic design, backed by audiophile-grade sound quality, this iPod dock has quickly become a design icon and your home will look poorer without it.
Griffin Evolve
The problem with docks is often that everything faces in one direction, which is no good for rooms any shape other than 'bowling lane'. The Evolve packs two wireless speakers that'll sit anywhere in the house for up to 10 hours.
Roth Audio MC4
This valve-based iPod dock has beautifully smooth sound. Admittedly it lacks a little bit of oomph and it's not cheap, but when it looks this good it doesn't seem to matter.
Geneva XL
This 40-kilo, 600W sonic behemoth, with built-in CD player, FM radio and an extra line in and 3.5mm input for non-iPods, boasts awesome sound quality and is a great addition to the 21st-century living room.

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