Friday 30 January 2015

10 best computer mice


Cherry Ergo-Shark
Left-handers can get back at their right-handed rivals with this specially designed mouse. It is wireless, has a four-way scrolling function and is moulded to fit left hands perfectly.
Logitech MX Air
Is this the mouse of the future? Logitech's MX Air is cordless and motion-sensing, which means you can open documents with a wave of the hand. Great for presentations or as a remote control when streaming internet TV through a home computer and on to your television.
3M Ergonimic Vertical Mouse
The 3M ergonomic vertical mouse might look more like an Eighties joystick than a 21st-century piece of office equipment but if, like me, you suffer from mouse-related RSI then this is a life-saver. While it takes some getting used to, once you've mastered it there's no going back - and no aching hands.
Logitech V550 Nano
If trying to navigate the web using the tinytouch pads on the average netbook drives you to distraction, invest in a dedicated wireless mouse. The V550 Nano is petite, comes with a clip to attach it to your laptop and has a battery life of up to 18 months.
Pat Says Now Euro
From glow-in-the-dark ghosts and cheery ladybirds to red hot chillis and shiny stars, kooky mouse creator Pat Says Now is the place to find unusual controllers. My favourite is this simple goldfish but the range available is endless and entertaining.
Microsoft Sidewinder
PC gamers who spend all their free time exploring virtual worlds, piloting computerised jets or slaying fantastical characters will get a lot more out of their play with a dedicated mouse. The Sidewinder has Teflon feet for easy gliding, switchable cursor speeds and programmable buttons. It won't help you win, but it will make gaming more comfortable.
Microsoft Arc
Comfortable to use and easy on the eye, the Arc is a good all-rounder, not least because it can be adjusted for PC and laptop use. When word-processing at home, it folds out into - you guessed it - an arc, but on the go it can be reduced to 60 per cent of its original size. Available in black or red.
Belkin Washable Mouse
The average workstation contains 400 times more microbes than a lavatory and your mouse harbours up to 1,676 of the little blighters. Fight back with this water-resistant mouse that can be put under the tap and given a good clean to keep germs at bay.
Slim Mouse
When folded, this compact mouse is the size of credit card. Unfurled, it's a lightweight way to control your computer. Ideal for travelling, it can be adjusted to fit different-sized hands and has a touch-scroll wheel for easy navigating.
Apple Mighty Mouse
The corporation's famous Mighty Mouse has evolved - and it's shed its tail to go wireless. Recognisable by its sleek lines, white finish and tactile scroll ball, it's now more accurate on a range of surfaces thanks to updated laser tracking. The perfect partner to a gleaming MacBook.

Photo courtesy of Apple

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