Friday 18 August 2017

READY BUSINESS PODCAST: ‘If you’re on the web, you’re only one click away from a criminal’

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Cybersecurity consultant Brian Honan on protecting your business.

From taking electrical devices apart as a kid to moving on to PCs, Brian Honan set up BH Consulting to work and advise companies on their IT network and security.  Largely self taught, there was no internet when he was learning his trade but now most of his work for businesses is in cyber security.

Cyberattacks and cybersecurity is nothing new however.  The same issues and problems have been around for decades says Honan who remembers dealing with his first PC virus in the late 1980s.

“We seem to repeat the same challenges and cycle over and over again.  It’s just the technology changes and businesses now depend on IT so much more these days.”

“In the 1990s viruses were written to get your attention and make the hacker famous, but now criminals don’t want you to know you’re infected with a virus.  They want to be able to take over your machine to steal your data and information.”

Surprisingly, it’s not difficult to guard against, Honan advises.  By keeping up-to-date with anti virus software, having a strong firewall and keeping your operating system updated you can protect yourself and your business.  The human element however can also be the weakest link.

“If you’re connected to the internet, the internet is connected to you,” warns Honan.  “You’re potentially only one click away from a criminal.”

From pacemakers to connected cars, a multitude of devices are now liable to being hacked into and puts the future IoT landscape into a different perspective.

“Ask yourself how much business you do on the web, what data is available and is vulnerable and do a proper risk assessment of what you need to protect.”

Brian Honan will be speaking at Dublin Info Sec 2016, Ireland's leading cyber security conference in the RDS on 15th November.

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