Wednesday 23 August 2017

READY BUSINESS PODCAST: 'I didn't grow up running lemonade stands', Ciara Clancy, from physio to medtech entrepreneur

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On this week's episode, Brian Purcell speaks to Ciara Clancy, founder of Beats Medical, which has developed an app to help Parkinsons' sufferers, and is one of the rising stars in the Irish medtech scene.  However, being an entrepreneur and running her own business was never an ambition growing up.

"When I first came across people suffering with Parkinsons as a teenager, and when I saw the positive impact that physiotherapy could have on them, that’s when I made the decision that I wanted to become a physio and to do something to help," she explains.

"The idea of setting up my own business was never on my radar.  I didn’t grow up running my own lemonade stands.  I didn’t grow up dreaming of having my own business."

Instead, she graduated with a degree in physiotherapy and it was only when she started working in hospitals that the idea for Beats Medical came to fruition.

"I had a nagging feeling that there was more I could do especially when I saw the outdated way that auditory cueing was being used.”

“I knew there was room for innovation and improvement that could help patients with Parkinsons in their own home not just in hospital.  I realised then I just had to give it a go and take a leap of faith."

And now, four years later, with awards, funding and a growing customer base, Ciara Clancy's business career has well and truly arrived.

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