Sunday 25 June 2017

READY BUSINESS PODCAST: From cancer and unemployment to making snacks for the world's sports stars

'What should I have done that I didn’t do?’

That was the thought crossing through Dave McGeady's mind as he lay on a hospital bed getting treated for cancer aged just 31.  He had worked in banking, was now working for a start-up, but knew it all wasn't for him. 

Getting cancer in his 30s focused the mind and made him weigh up what it was he really wanted to do.  After beating the cancer, he was subsequently made unemployed and the choice was clear now: it was time to strike out on his own.  What had he got to lose?

But what was the big idea?  It came to him as he thought about the lack of good, healthy snacks for training and after months of trying out new ingredients and recipes, Wyldsson was born.

In just four years the company has grown incredibly from its Dublin base and now supplies sports snacks to some of the top sports teams and athletes in the world from rugby to golfers, tennis players, the English Premier League, and even the LA Lakers.

Dave McGeady's story is one of resilience, toughness and never giving in.  This is his inspiring Ready Business story.

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