Tuesday 22 August 2017

READY BUSINESS PODCAST: ‘Drone delivery for rural Ireland is coming’ says Nightline co-founder John Tuohy

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On this week’s episode of the Ready Business show, John Tuohy, co-founder of one of Ireland’s leading logistics companies, Nightline, explains how his business grew from two people in a spare bedroom to over 800 employees and 40,000 parcels handled daily.

Sometimes opportunity knocks you over the head and for Tuohy, when he was made redundant aged only 23 in 1990s Ireland, the only option was to sink or swim.  Along with his colleague Dave Field, they pooled their redundancy money and with £10,000 in their pockets sought to make good on their promise that they could do better.

“We had very little to lose at this stage and coupled with blind ambition we thought, why not give it a go?”

Within six weeks Nightline had moved out of the bedroom into a premises and they’ve never looked back.  They are continually looking to the future, especially how consumer habits are changing online and thus ParcelMotel as a personal locker delivery service was born. 

As to next steps?  After a quarter of a century in business you’d think that Tuohy might have seen it all but he’s still eyeing up international expansion and sees drone delivery and 3D printing as developments to watch.

“Especially in rural areas, I think drone delivery will be happening,” he says.  “It might not be happening anytime soon but you could see it developing in locations that aren’t built up.”

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