Sunday 25 January 2015

Mark Hegarty: How cloud computing will save your business time and money

Published 04/06/2014 | 07:28

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Cloud computing is starting to take a hold in Irish workplaces as business owners begin to embrace the concept of moving their information to the online sphere.

Some businesses however are still reluctant to move to the cloud for many reasons:

- Lack of information.

- Lack of understanding.

- Concerns about of security.

One of the biggest issues can simply be in understanding precisely what “The Cloud” is and who it is for.  Our advice is to think of it as a hard drive in the internet that stores your data.  The data can be personal files such as photos or business items like documents, spreadsheets and records, it can be as simple as a place to store, upload and download data or more sophisticated platform tailored to specific business needs.  For example on cloud based accounts service a client registers an account and can then store financial information on our servers where it is backed up in multiple locations automatically and securely. The information belongs to our clients, not to us, and can be downloaded at any time, as well as accessed and updated by multiple users via a variety of devices.

By using a cloud based facility a business can cut out the following expenses:

- Hardware capital expenditure.

- Hardware maintenance cost.

- Electricity.

- Software upgrading costs.

-Backup management.


Even though many cloud solutions will promote themselves using cost saving as their main selling point, in many cases the biggest advantage is actually that of time saving. The implementation of a new cloud facility offers many opportunities for companies to become more efficient in work practices due to collaboration, accessibility of information remotely and speed, all of which fuel competitive advantage in business.

Think of the small business that has a sales team on the road. If there are 5 members of the team, they can create invoices on an iPad, to be approved back at head office. This is a powerful tool, which can contribute in giving a small business competitive advantage. It’s all done on one system, and managed in the cloud. Online collaboration is a huge advantage to a team of people with similar goals. Sales teams need to work together to achieve monthly goals and online collaboration in the cloud is a very powerful tool to manage growth.


Ways to time save using the cloud:


-Automated and recurring invoices

- Banking reconciliation


- Updating records

- Remote access

- Multiple users

The ability to collaborate and share data via the cloud is not to be underestimated. These practical tips were compiled by Mark Hegarty of a secure online accounting software system using cloud based technology that manages accounts in a simple, fast and effective manner.

Mark Hegarty is founder of, a secure online accounting software system using cloud based technology that manages accounts in a simple, fast and effective manner.

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