Wednesday 23 August 2017

Seamus's advice for other businesses

1 Don't just be a supplier - be a partner

Don't just supply to your customers - partner with them. In turn, help them to deliver on their promises to their customers. This builds trust and long-term relationships which will result in repeat business as well as positive referrals to other potential customers.

2 Value relationships with your bank and suppliers Having a strong relationship with your bank and key suppliers is critical to long-term business success. This becomes particularly important when you are in growth mode when you most require credit facilities from your bank and good credit terms from suppliers.

3 Your staff ARE your business

Staff are the heart and soul of your business and vital to driving success. Having the right skills is a given, but it is also equally important that your staff have the right attitude, motivation and passion and a belief in and commitment to what you are trying to accomplish.

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