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Tuesday 25 April 2017

Top 15 'seriously overpriced' products - according to Reddit

Coffee was linked to bladder cancer at one point
Coffee was linked to bladder cancer at one point

Mark Molloy

What is seriously overpriced and we all still use?

Thousands of Reddit users have been discussing the question of products and services they believe are a little overpriced.

From printer ink to razor blades – how many of these do you agree with?

1."Mobile data," - NiallWang.

2."Airport food," - retrowavve.

3."College textbooks," - Aer0eng.


4."In the UK, I'd say landlines. I have to pay line rental @ £16 before I can have broadband and I never use my house phone," - SmallFry2016.

5."Hotel internet. $29.99 a night to send some emails and watch Netflix? It's usually mid-range hotels with a lot if business travellers. They'll pay it because they'll just expense it.

"Fortunately a lot more places these days are offering complimentary mid-speed internet if you sign up for member rewards," - IlludiumQXXXVI.

6."Mattresses. I work for a mattress company. The mark-ups are incredible. If you are in the market for one, wait until a sale," - Kerbalized.


7."Printer Ink. The stuff is like gold in value per ounce," - plazmamuffin.

8."Text message fees might be the purest form of profit ever conceived," - Arcuru.


9."Bras. And underwear," - amrobi18.

10."Razor blades," - LocoMotive80.

11."Diapers. Have seriously considered getting into the business of making diapers with how much the damn things sell for," - Josad.


12."Coffee and soda at restaurants. Literally costs pennies and we pay between $2 & $4," - ilovemygyro.

13."Glasses," - bastawhiz.

14."Popcorn at the theatre," - kareezy.

15."Diamond engagement rings," - f---swithgolfballs.

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