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Top 15 'seriously overpriced' products - according to Reddit

Mark Molloy

Published 06/11/2016 | 11:25

Coffee was linked to bladder cancer at one point
Coffee was linked to bladder cancer at one point

What is seriously overpriced and we all still use?

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Thousands of Reddit users have been discussing the question of products and services they believe are a little overpriced.

From printer ink to razor blades – how many of these do you agree with?

1."Mobile data," - NiallWang.

2."Airport food," - retrowavve.

3."College textbooks," - Aer0eng.


4."In the UK, I'd say landlines. I have to pay line rental @ £16 before I can have broadband and I never use my house phone," - SmallFry2016.

5."Hotel internet. $29.99 a night to send some emails and watch Netflix? It's usually mid-range hotels with a lot if business travellers. They'll pay it because they'll just expense it.

"Fortunately a lot more places these days are offering complimentary mid-speed internet if you sign up for member rewards," - IlludiumQXXXVI.

6."Mattresses. I work for a mattress company. The mark-ups are incredible. If you are in the market for one, wait until a sale," - Kerbalized.


7."Printer Ink. The stuff is like gold in value per ounce," - plazmamuffin.

8."Text message fees might be the purest form of profit ever conceived," - Arcuru.


9."Bras. And underwear," - amrobi18.

10."Razor blades," - LocoMotive80.

11."Diapers. Have seriously considered getting into the business of making diapers with how much the damn things sell for," - Josad.


12."Coffee and soda at restaurants. Literally costs pennies and we pay between $2 & $4," - ilovemygyro.

13."Glasses," - bastawhiz.

14."Popcorn at the theatre," - kareezy.

15."Diamond engagement rings," - f---swithgolfballs.

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