Saturday 23 September 2017

Skoda Octavia coasts to top of 'value for money' poll

GOOD VALUE: Skoda Octavia
GOOD VALUE: Skoda Octavia
Louise McBride

Louise McBride

The Skoda Octavia will give you more bang for your buck than any large car, according to the latest car survey by the British consumer magazine, Which?.

The survey asked drivers to rate large cars by their value for money. The Skoda Octavia – which is manufactured in the Czech Republic – came out tops, largely because it was cheap on fuel, reliable, and had ample boot space.

One driver described the car as "amazingly economical and fuel efficient, very well equipped, robust build, enormous boot, never fails to start and has only needed one mechanical fault fixing in 11 years".

The Peugeot 407 was rated as the worst-value large car. Owners complained that it was peppered with electrical faults that can quickly lead to expensive bills. The cost of spares and repairs was described by one driver as "frighteningly high".

Peugeot owners complained of "repeated malfunctions" with cruise control and troublesome electric windows and mirrors.

One owner advised others to "do the maths" before buying a Peugeot 407. "Add about €2,000 to the price for faults over five years and then see if it still competes with other cars you may be interested in," he said.

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