Monday 25 September 2017

Putting on the 'eco' kettle won't chop your energy bills

Putting on the kettle
Putting on the kettle
Louise McBride

Louise McBride

Think twice before shelling out for eco products that claim to save you money on water charges or energy bills - the UK consumer magazine Which? has just discovered six 'green' products which don't live up to their money-saving promises.

Eco kettles and certain eco shower heads are amongst the products Which? found to be a waste of money.

"If you have a low-pressure water system, some eco shower heads will only produce a trickle of water," said Which? "And if you have a modern electric shower, your system is likely to have a low-flow model already. So if you have a water meter, any savings will be minimal."

Eco kettles claim to save you money on electricity. However, the consumer magazine found that some non-eco kettles used less electricity to boil water than eco-kettles did. "It would be a much better idea to keep your standard kettle and only boil as much water as you need to use, rather than filling it up completely every time," said Which? "We found that some Breville and Kenwood kettles consume less energy than the eco kettle."

The other products found to be a waste of money were disposable battery chargers, solar phone chargers, window film (also known as window insulation), and standby savers - which allow you to switch TVs, DVDs and satellite boxes off at the mains using a remote control.

However, some of the eco products Which? says you should buy include the Miro eco shower head, energy saving plugs and light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and cavity wall and loft insulation.

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