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Thursday 19 October 2017

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Make your money go further
Make your money go further
Nick Webb

Nick Webb

Make your money go further with tips from Nick Webb


G'wan the ESB staff. Bullet-proof pensions, massive wages and even anti-smoking patches to help them give up the fags. What a cosy number. And we were soooo on your side when you wanted to strike. We definitely think that you were right to hold the country to ransom so you can spend your retirement on a sun-kissed foreign beach while the rest of us watch our pension entitlements vapourised. And now the penny drops as to why the ESB is so ridiculously expensive for electricity. For a family slaving away to pay for €150 per month on the standard ESB tariff. Already paying by direct debit and getting an ebill. Quotes from

Best: Bord Gais Energy €1,589.16 per year

Avoid: ESB standard €1,800

Saving: €210.84

contact: or 1850 435 435

Save enough for a Google Nexus 7 Tablet



UPC has waded into the business broadband and fixed market and has launched a really compelling new offer. It's dual play deal has ridiculously fast broadband plus up to 10 fixed lines and a bunch of minutes of calls. The broadband usage allowance is more than three times that offered by eircom or Vodafone. For an SME with two fixed lines, pretty much unlimited landline calls and 200 minutes of any network mobile calls and uber fast 50mb broadband.

Best: UPC €70 per month

Avoid: Eircom Business Advanced and Talktime for Business €93.55

Saving: €282.60 per year

contact: or 1800 924 220

Save enough for a Sim-Free Samsung Galaxy S3


Savers got hit even more last week when pressure from the banks to cut rates paid off. The Post Office had the best interest rates around on the special state savings accounts. And they are tax- free. But the banks complained and complained about how unfair it was that consumers could get the best rates at the state-owned post office. Last week those rates were finally cut. On €10,000 lobbed into an account for ever. The best rates are for money locked away for a whole 10 years. Hardly a compelling proposition.

Best: Rabodirect 10-year fixed 2.8 per cent

Avoid: Ulster Bank easy access 0.01 per cent

Saving: €279 in year one

contact: or 1850 88 22 44

Save enough for a return Aer Lingus flight to Barcelona for Christmas


The headline figures on some travel insurance polices often don't tell the full story. There's often administration charges, postage costs and all manner of sneaky little extras that just ramp up the cost. We've compared cover for a single traveller with private health insurance taking a single week-long trip with wintersports outside Europe.

Best: €33

Avoid: €84.78

Saving: €51.78

contact: or 01-2908833

Save enough for a Just Dance 2014 for the X-Box 360


Shopping around for your petrol may seem a bit extreme when the difference is only a couple of cent per litre. But by jiminy, it really adds up over a year. Really, really adds up. It's as much as €5.60 per fill. For a car filling up with 70 litres every single week based on prices for Dublin last Monday.

Best: Esso, Ushers Quay, 146.9 cent per litre

Avoid: Texaco, Kilmacud, 154.9

Saving: Up to €291.20 per year


Save enough for a Christmas hamper

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