Friday 28 April 2017

Zurich keeps an Eagle eye on your investment

Zurich (previously known as Eagle Star) is one of the more successful players in the regular premium savings market.

Its flagship product in this category is called the Savings Plus plan.

The minimum premium is €50 a month and this starting amount gives you access to an extensive range of funds (the Matrix range has 32 different funds to choose from).

Zurich Life's most popular funds are "managed funds" called the Eagle Star Dynamic (annualised growth over the past few years has been 6.74pc) and Performance (6.41pc) -- both of which are viewed as higher-risk -- and the Eagle Star Balanced (6.29pc), a medium-risk fund.

The secure fund is a low-risk fund that guarantees unit prices will never fall and has made an annualised return of 2.33pc.

The product should be viewed as a long-term investment, but you can vary the amounts of your regular premium.

I particularly like the facility of being able to view up-to-date details and values on the policy online.

The charging structure is a 95pc allocation (a higher rate of up to 100pc may apply depending on the commission rate taken by the intermediary) and an annual fee of 1.25pc.

There is a policy fee of €3 a month, no bid/offer spread and there are no early surrender penalties.

Zurich has a Standard & Poor's rating of AA-.

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