Wednesday 18 October 2017

Me and my money: Sinead Ni Loideain

TG4 weather girl likes to save for a rainy day but can overindulge in the sales . . . and on chocolate

TG4 weather girl Sinead Ni Loideain
TG4 weather girl Sinead Ni Loideain

TG4 weather girl Sinead Ni Loideain sometimes has a problem with overindulgence -- with the help of her credit card.

"I haven't bought anything majorly stupid but I do tend to fork out in the sales on the most random things that I know I'll probably never wear but at the time they sure seem like a great idea -- poncho anyone?" she said.

"I just recently bought a solar-powered charger. I leave it on the windowsill to charge for a day or two then pop it in my handbag and it's there if I run out of juice for my iPod or phone when I'm on the go. Genius.

"I don't have a savings plan as such but I do like to save for a rainy day. I have a pension but it seems a long way off before I'll get to touch that. I found some savings bonds at the bottom of my drawer the other day.

"My obsession with chocolate is my biggest ongoing waste of money. It's an addiction I just have to feed even though I know I'll regret it as soon as I've eaten that whole creamy, delicious bar with 2,000 calories that only lasted a minute with my cup of tea.

"I drive a Toyota Corolla hatchback. It's a nippy car that gets me from A to B pronto. That said, I only do 50kmh max. I was looking for a while but found this one on the internet in the end and got a good deal, practically new when I bought her.

"I have never looked into shares because I'm afraid I'd lose all my money on them."

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