Thursday 27 July 2017

Me and my money: Katie Ray

ACTRESS Katie Ray can still feel the pain of her last spending mistake.

"After thinking a car would be of use, I bought a little Fiat Panda. Just as I do my first couple of long-haul, four-hour, motorway drives I realised I hate driving. The last time I had a car was 10 years ago and I got used to enjoying a relaxing train journey peering out of the window or reading a good book. So three months of trying to get rid of the thing quickly meant I took the option to sell it back to the garage for not even half of what I had purchased it for," she said.

"Without a doubt my flights when I went back-packing to India, Thailand and Cambodia were my best ever buy. A friend and I went to a student travel shop and bought them all in one go then went off for lunch to celebrate.

"Well, I have a few strategies for savings on a daily basis: don't buy the rounds in a pub when you are only drinking water; fitness is free when touring with a beloved yoga mat; and visit galleries, churches and monuments for days out, which stops me shopping and is so much better for the soul.

"The amount of money I spend on show make-up is staggering. Funny thing is I'm really not into make-up. As a bit of a natural tomboy I don't wear any cosmetics apart from a bit of moisturiser until the show when I wear pink girly clothes and a face-cake."

- Katie Ray starred in the recent run of 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' at the Grand Canal Theatre

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