Tuesday 26 September 2017

Me and my money: Barry Barnes

Little voice in this actor's head says 'reduce food waste and don't pin hopes on winning lottery'

ACTOR Barry Barnes has a small friend who helps him keep abreast of how much he has spent.

"Apart from when you are purchasing the necessities of life, isn't there a little man in your head all the time saying 'don't fork out', or is that just me?" he said.

"I suppose our house was my best ever purchase. Although I bought a pet mouse when I was young and he proved an inestimable companion. Until... well, we won't talk about that.

"A savings plan? Ah yes. Manana. Can I refer you to the bit where it says what my job is. My savings plan is that someday I plan to save. That's about it.

"I'm always amazed at how much food we all waste -- the stuff that gets thrown out, not to mention the packaging. A couple of spoons of yoghurt and then we discard a carton that might stay in the ground for a hundred years. I think it's very important to recycle -- but what about reduce and reuse?

"I believe my car has an internal combustion engine. Beyond that I haven't much interest once it goes from A to B without making strange chugging sounds. I try to use a bicycle, the Luas or walk as much as possible. It's got to be good.

"I have never bought a share in my life -- wouldn't know how. When people bemoan the loss in value of their shares I feel left out. I would like to buy shares in Guna Nua Theatre company -- they are a bunch of hotshots and moguls in the making.

"If I won the lottery, the first thing I would buy would be smelling salts. There is a line in our current play 'Chicane' to the effect that you almost have as much chance of finding a winning ticket as you have of buying one, so unlikely are the odds."

  • Barry Barnes stars in 'Chicane' at various venues around Ireland until October 9.

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