Sunday 22 October 2017

How to avoid online charges

RYANAIR charges a €5 credit card handling fee per flight, unless you have a Mastercard prepaid card. Here is how to get one.

Some companies charge €6 to buy a prepaid Mastercard, and charge up to €3.50 to load it with funds, in addition to a 2.95pc commission on each transaction. This is the case with prepaid Mastercards bought in shops.

But an Electron version of the prepaid Mastercard is better value. This is a virtual credit card, which is only available online.

You need to register at and load funds on to the virtual card using a conventional credit card.

Entropay charges 4.95pc when you load its Electron Mastercard. This means it will cost you €14.85 for six tickets -- half Ryanair's €30 credit card handling fee.

Bishopstown Credit Union in Cork and some banks also issue prepaid Mastercards.

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