Saturday 22 July 2017

Get me to the church on time or else ...

What's covered?

• Cancellation by the wedding venue. Expenses of up to €5,000-€45,000 depending on your level of cover.

• Rearrangement costs. Generally a portion (circa 75 per cent) rather than the full original amount is covered, up to between €5,000 and €45,000.

• Cancellation due to the death, injury or sickness of the bride, the groom (or, if they are footing the bill, or a big part of it, a close relative).

• Cancellation due to the no-show of the wedding officiator.

• Cancellation where the bride or groom gets posted overseas, if they are in the armed forces on duty for the ambulance service, coastguard, fire brigade, gardai etc.

• Weather conditions that cause major disruption to travel services and affect the reasonable ability of guests to attend the wedding.

• Some policies cover the redundancy of the bride, groom (or a close relative who is contributing to financing the wedding), if notice is received at least eight weeks after the issue of the policy.

• Loss or damage to bride's gown, or other wedding attire, of up to €2,000-€15,000 (usually within 48 hours of the wedding).

• Stolen or damaged gifts worth up to €2,000-€15,000.

• The cost of the loss, damage or theft of wedding rings, flowers, attendants' gifts or the cake, up to €2,000-€15,000, depending on your policy.

• Cars/transport, where the supplier fails to provide the agreed service. Up to €1,250-€7,000.

• Loss or damage of photography and video. Up to €1,250-€8,000 depending on policy.

• Personal accident affecting the bride or groom. Up to €10,000-€55,000.

• Personal liability. Up to €2m-€3m available.

• Suppliers (DJ, band, photographer etc) going bust or leaving you in the lurch. From up to €1,250-€7,000.

• Marquee cover (usually costs extra on a basic premium) of up to €25,000.

• Legal costs in cases of injury or death 24 hours before or after the wedding. Up to €5,000-€30,000.

• At the right price, a whacky adventure wedding can be insured. Premiums will be high if you want to arrive at the church on a quad bike or have a sky-diving ceremony -- but if that's your thing, Blue Insurances recently covered an underwater Bahamian wedding for a scuba-diving couple, which cost €150 extra, on top of a standard policy.

What's not covered

• You or your intended getting cold feet and backing out.

• Strikes and labour disputes that affect the wedding.

• Force majeure, acts of God or volcanic ash clouds.

• Honeymoons. You'll usually need travel insurance for this -- though some wedding insurers do added honeymoon packages also.

• Weddings taking place abroad can also be covered, within limited terms and conditions.

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