Sunday 25 June 2017

Free banking and €100 for students with KBC accounts

KBC Bank
KBC Bank
Louise McBride

Louise McBride

Newbie students don't just spend Fresher's week downing pints and weird alcoholic concoctions.

One in five students open their main bank account during college registration or Fresher's week, according to a new survey by KBC Bank.

The survey also found that most students prefer to interact with their bank online or through mobile phone apps. Less than one in five prefer to deal with their bank face-to-face in a branch.

Not surprisingly, low bank fees is one of the most important considerations for students when choosing a bank account, according to the survey.

To tap into the student market, KBC is offering free banking and €100 in cash to students who sign up for a current account with the bank by the end of October. Students will get the first €50 payment within ten working days of opening their account, with the other €50 to be lodged in January - as long as the student has used their debit card for at least ten transactions before New Year's Eve 2014.

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