Wednesday 23 August 2017


Tax relief/credit


Tuition Fees

Home Carer

Flat Rate Expenses


Medical Insurance

Current Entitlement

All expenses not covered by private insurance. Includes dietary foods, equipment, medicines and expenditure under the DPS.

20pc up to €7,000 p.p. p.a., excluding first €3,000 per family.

€1,000 p.a. for full time carer (including stay at home parent).

Uniforms/protective clothing/equipment required for job. Listing per Revenue website.

Higher rate tax relief on all contributions (dependent on age).

20pc up to €1,000 p.a. premium.


Med 1, Leaflet IT6

IT 31

IT 47

Local tax office

Via Employer

At Source from Insurer

Irish Independent

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