Friday 22 September 2017

Dubliners and Corkonians are some of the best tippers

Tipping: Cork and Dublin score best
Tipping: Cork and Dublin score best
Louise McBride

Louise McBride

Dubliners are amongst the best tippers in Ireland - along with those living in Kerry and Cork, according to new research published by Amarach.

The research, which was conducted in conjuction with AA Hospitality Services, found that that those living in Dublin and Munster are the most generous tippers, while residents of Connacht and Ulster tipped least.

Waiting staff in restaurants get the best tips - with the average tip awarded for such staff coming in at about €6. Bar staff got the second-highest tips - with an average tip of €4.14. The average tip for hairdressers and beauticians was €3.78. Takeaway delivery staff and taxi drivers get a typical tip of about €3.

Those who tip waiting staff with their cards risk lining the pockets of the restaurant's management or owners, rather than the waiting or kitchen staff. "When you tip by card, in some instances, the tip will go to the establishment rather than directly to the waiting or kitchen staff," said a spokesman for AA Hospitality Services.

The under-25s are the biggest tippers in the pub. So too are Munster residents, with the average tip given to bar staff more than double that tipped by those living in Connacht and Ulster.

Hotel staff are more likely to get tipped by an American guest than an Irish one, with American guests often leaving the last of their euros on the bedside locker before heading off to the airport.

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