Tuesday 19 September 2017

Taste test Tomato sauce

Every kitchen cupboard needs a handy jar of tomato sauce.
Every kitchen cupboard needs a handy jar of tomato sauce.

Every kitchen cupboard needs a jar of ready-made tomato sauce, to whip up a quick plate of pasta when you haven't got time to make a sauce from scratch. We tested a cross-section of some of the options available in one local supermarket.

Tesco Finest Pomodorini Tomato Sauce 350g, €3.45 9/10

Really intense tomato flavour, with small cherry tomatoes giving bursts of pure tomato. Good consistency too. The winner.

Ballymaloe Italian Tomato Sauce 380g, €3.49 8/10

Yasmin Hyde, Myrtle Allen's daughter, is responsible for this very good looking, thick, and chunky sauce. The onions are very much to the fore and taste just chopped. A bit too sweet though.

Loyd Grossman Tomato & Basil Sauce 350g, €1.50 (special offer) 7/10

Really pronounced basil taste, nice colour and consistency. Fair price for a decent, basic product.

The Scullery Tomato & Basil Tomato Sauce 360g, €2.99 5/10

The dried oregano aftertaste lingers. The sauce looks good and is not too sweet. It is fat free, which is not necessarily a good thing. A glug of good olive oil would not have gone amiss.

Tesco Tomato & Basil Sauce 350g, €2 4/10

Nice colour and chunky texture. Over-sweet though.

Tesco Everyday Value Pasta Sauce 440g, €0.60 2/10

This has a very watery consistency and the smell and taste of dried herbs are overwhelming. It's very sweet. Not good, but very cheap.

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