Sunday 24 September 2017

The Punt: 'Lucky' cliche rather tedious and boring

Mark Carney
Mark Carney

IF THERE'S one phrase the Punt can't stand more than any other, it's "the luck of the Irish." What an overused, nonsensical cliche. The latest offender is the venerable 'Financial Times'. The paper's economics editor Chris Giles wrote a front-page story yesterday on the progress of new Bank of England governor Mark Carney, including a focus on his Irish citizenship. "Luck of the Irish is Bank of England chief's passport to tempering scourge of inflation", the headline blared. "With the outlook for the economy so changed since August but still uncertain, Mr Carney will have to summon whatever Irish gift of the gab he can muster to explain the BoE's thinking" read the story. We fail to see what Mr Carney's Irish passport has to do with his policies, and the article didn't explain the link.

That story came just days after another major FT headline reverted to the same old cliche – "RSA's aggressive Irish expansion runs out of luck" it said, discussing the controversial accounting errors and sackings that emerged at the insurer in recent weeks. It feels like every second article about Ireland written by a non-Irish publication uses some sort of tired stereotype. We are big fans of the FT and the many UK papers that serve that market admirably – but we are getting bored with this.

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