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Saturday 23 September 2017

TCD hiring consultants in bid to attract US federal funding

Trinity College
Trinity College
Sarah McCabe

Sarah McCabe

TRINITY College Dublin is bringing in consultants in an effort to tap into US government funding.

The university is seeking outside help as it pursues US federal funding for research projects in nanoscience, biomedicine and ICT.

The strategy aims to bolster TCD's chances in the highly competitive global academic marketplace, where high-spending countries and super-brands like Harvard and Cambridge attract the top talent and the most funding and investment.

The state-funded third-level institute is looking to hire contractors who will facilitate introductions to senior officials in the US who manage federal funding.

The contractors will receive bonus payments linked to the proportion of funding awarded to TCD as a result of their efforts.

The strategy is geared towards getting funding for two specific units at Trinity: the CRANN institute – which works on nanoscience, the study of tiny particles – and the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Unit, which works on biomedical discoveries that will lead to better patient care.

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