Thursday 27 July 2017

Pinstriped financier and corporate raider Shane Reihill (50) earned about €41m when his venture capital firm TVC was delisted from stockmarkets in 2013. It had made exceptional returns from punts on Norkom and other tech companies.

Reihill is part of the Tedcastle Reihill dynasty, although his wing of the family shared about €70m when they were bought out of the business. London-based Reihill is a championship poker player and has been a regular media investor, holding a 3pc stake in UTV.

Last year Reihill and his wife Karen bought the €2.9m house next door to Dermot Desmond on Ailesbury Road. They submitted plans to build a cavernous 1,650sq ft. basement - bigger than most ordinary houses. The neighbours appealed the development, warning of potential flooding hazards.

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