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Monday 22 September 2014

Might this man be the best son-in-law in the world?

Published 16/02/2014 | 02:30

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If I didn't live in Galway, the place I would live in is. . .

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Somewhere warm!

The last meal I really enjoyed was. . .

Dinner at Cleaver East, Dublin, two weeks ago. They do a kind of fusion tapas, strange but gorgeous.

My greatest indulgence is. . .

I'm not sure. . . I don't really have one. I rarely drink, I don't enjoy it.

My favourite websites are. . .

Google News! I'm not loyal to any one media source. I've been coloured by experience. Lots of incorrect things have been written about me.

The best gift I've given was. . .

I gave Garth Brooks tickets to my mother-in-law.

My favourite piece of clothing is. . .

Anything casual.

An unforgettable place I've travelled to in the last year is

I went to Stellenbosch in South Africa with my wife and family in November, it was spectacular.

The last music I downloaded was. . .

I'm not a big music fan and I've never downloaded a song in my life! I listen to i102 - 104 at home.

The books on my bedside table are. . .

There aren't any – I only read when I'm travelling. At the moment I'm reading 'The Hour Between Dog and Wolf' – a book by John Coates about the neurology of trading.

What I like to do when I'm not working. . .

I'm a massive sports fan, particularly football, though I've ended my association with Galway FC [Leeson was chief executive there for a time]. Football is a tough sport in this country. I used to box when I was younger and I follow a bit of GAA now – my youngest son is an avid hurler.

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