Sunday 22 October 2017

McGann's double whammy

Former business person of the year ousted from both DAA and Anglo

GARY McGann was forced to resign his position as chairman of the doomed Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) after his departure from Anglo Irish Bank back in January.

McGann, a classic IBEC product (he was IBEC president a few years ago), took a double whammy when his pal Sean FitzPatrick was forced to resign from Anglo, bringing his closest colleagues on the board down with him. While FitzPatrick sat on McGann's board at Smurfit, McGann sat on FitzPatrick's board at Anglo. His loss of the DAA and Anglo gigs will enable him to concentrate on the day job where he has been a loyal Michael S man for decades.

Just a week before the Anglo timebomb exploded on December 18 last year, McGann was named Business & Finance Business Person of the Year. A week after the honour, the series of events that led to his departure from two such prestigious boards unravelled. In his speech that night, he poured praise on Sean FitzPatrick who had barely a week remaining in the Anglo chair.

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