Wednesday 20 September 2017

IKEA catalogue turns 60

IT started life in 1951 as a nine-page advertisement inserted into a newspaper, with a circulation of 250,000. Now, the IKEA 2011 catalogue, available from September 13, marks its 60th anniversary with a print run of 198 million, and 56 editions in 27 languages.

For the 2011 catalogue, over the period October to March this year, a vast crew of carpenters and interior designers created nearly 260 room settings in an 8,000sqm photo studio in Sweden. The result was documented by 13 photographers -- and about 4,000 of these images ended up in the 2011 catalogue. IKEA says it has lowered the price of over 1,000 items across its range.

In 2008 IKEA piloted a new smaller catalogue size on some markets, measuring 192 x 224mm compared to the traditional 210 x 250mm. The new smaller size becomes standard in all markets this year, reducing paper and energy use, decreasing carbon dioxide emissions and cutting costs.

The catalogue is also available as a 100-page mini-version, an online version viewable on mobile devices, and as an iPhone app available through the iTunes app store.

Irish Independent

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