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Wednesday 23 August 2017

Domino's Irish pizza sales down 31pc

John Mulligan

John Mulligan

Irish consumers are chomping their way through less pizza as they tighten their belts during the downturn.

Domino's Pizza said yesterday that its sales here had slumped by 31pc since 2007, even though just one of its outlets in Ireland has ever closed.

The chain – whose activities in Ireland are controlled by the UK-listed Domino's Pizza Group – has previously had to financially support some of its franchises here.

But it said that its Irish operation continues to deliver some of the "best operational metrics anywhere in the world". Some of the outlets here remain amongst the busiest Domino's stores in the world.

Domino's Pizza Group controls the franchise for the US brand in the UK, Ireland and other territories such as Germany. Operating profits in Ireland for the group edged 2.4pc higher last year to £4.4m (€5m).

Domino's closed an outlet in Portlaoise in 2011. It had been opened to serve a new housing estate that was due to be built but which never was.There are now 48 outlets in Ireland.

In the first seven weeks of 2013, Domino's said sales in Ireland had stabilised, falling just 0.2pc. It said the result had been achieved on the back of "very hard work" by its Irish franchises and by the group.

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