Friday 20 October 2017

CEO says Irish will punch above their weight in markets

Ronan Dunne
Ronan Dunne
Dearbhail McDonald

Dearbhail McDonald

Ireland will punch way above its weight in international markets because of the digital revolution and a "magic blend" of our education and work ethic, according to one of Ireland's most influential directors in the UK.

Ronan Dunne, CEO of Telefonica UK, which trades as O2, said that Ireland's "value-added" education system, combined with the drive by emigrants to "go the extra mile" and find opportunities abroad, were key factors behind the record number of UK directorships held by Irish nationals.

There are now more than 60,000 Irish directors in the UK, heading a total of more than 16,000 companies, with the number of Irish women on British boards beating every other nationality.

Speaking at the Irish Embassy in London following publication of communications firm Eulogy's Foreign Directors Report, Mr Dunne - who says it is hard to make an economic case for a Brexit - said that Ireland's milennials or "screenagers" would fuel new business opportunities.

Mr Dunne, who has a daughter attending Trinity College, Dublin, said that the #hometovote campaign on Twitter during last year's marriage equality referendum - the hashtag is painted on the wall of Twitter's San Francisco HQ because of its global impact - demonstrated the influence that the Irish can have overseas.

"One of the things that digital is doing is democratising access to the markets and information," said Mr Dunne.

He added: "I think that there is a real opportunity for the Irish to punch way above their weight."

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