Thursday 19 October 2017

Butler's Pantry set for €4.5m sales as tiramisu flies out door

Louise McBride

Louise McBride

Upside-down cheesecakes and white chocolate tiramisu would get most of us out of bed any morning, so it's no surprise that Jacquie Marsh, managing director of the Irish-owned Butler's Pantry, gets a sugar rush out of her job.

Marsh became a partner in The Butler's Pantry, which produces and sells hand-made Irish food, about 12 years ago. "The company has changed hugely in the last 12 years," said Marsh. "In 2000, we had three shops and two small locations for cooking. We now have nine shops -- and we've also built our own kitchens in Bray."

The Butler's Pantry was set up by Eileen Bergin about 25 years ago. "Beef bourguignon, chicken kiev and cheesecake were favourite dishes back then," said Marsh. "We're still doing these dishes -- but with a twist. That's where the upside-down cheesecake comes in."

One of the company's most popular products is its sourdough bread, which Marsh describes as "a very complicated thing to make". "There are queues of people in the morning coming to buy our sourdough bread," said Marsh.

The company has a turnover of €4.5m and has almost half a million customers.

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