Tuesday 17 October 2017

Budget 2013 what to expect

Property tax

In some shape or form this is considered a sure thing, predicted to be at a rate of €300-€500 a year per home.

Tax on higher earners

Those earning over €100,000 could be targeted for a Universal Social Charge hike.

Fat tax

Health Minister James Reilly was keen on the idea last year of levying sugary foods and fizzy drinks, pointing out that such a move could raise €50m a year. A study released this week, which put the cost of obesity at a staggering €1bn, has seen the junk-food tax discussions re-emerge.

Alcohol and fags

More pain for lovers of these old reliables. The Government has promised to deal with below-cost alcohol selling, and a duty increase on cigarettes is a perennial. Ciggies reaching nearly a tenner a pack is a real possibility.

Child benefit

Some form of children's allowance docking is expected. Reducing it by €40 per child was recommended by a group advising Social Protection Minister Joan Burton, but it's thought more likely to be in the region of €10 per child.

Bigger class sizes

An extra €20m cut to the education budget is being looked for, meaning bigger class sizes and fewer school grants are the likely fallout.

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