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Tuesday 25 July 2017

Birrane group helps develop UK's €1bn super-destroyer

Nick Webb

Nick Webb

MARTIN Birrane, the multi-millionaire Mayo businessman, has helped develop the revolutionary plastic material used to make the British navy's most advanced "stealth warship" -- the €1.1bn Type 45 destroyer.

Last week, HMS Dauntless was dispatched to patrol the waters off the Falkland Islands as tension between Britain and Argentina rose.

Birrane's Lola Group, which is best known for producing racing cars, has also developed a composite materials division. This unit used motor-racing technology to help design the radome for the destroyer, which has been described as the world's most advanced air defence warship.

Mr Birrane -- who holds the Irish land speed record, having driven at 176mph on an unopened section of the M50 in 1990 -- also owns the Peer property group in the UK.

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