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Thursday 27 July 2017

Asking price of houses

New Year Business Bets

Asking price of houses

2/5 Increase

7/4 Decrease

(CSO figures to confirm)

ISEQ at year end

5/6 3400 or over

5/6 Under 3400

Will any Irish banker stand trial in 2013?

1/20 Yes

7/1 No

Will any country leave the euro in 2013?

9/4 Yes

2/7 No

What currency will we be using in December 2013?

1/33 euro

10/1 punt

100/1 sterling

33/1 Any other

(euro applies to euro or euro derivative)

What Irish firm will be first for a takeover bid?

1/3 Aer Lingus

7/1 Bank Of Ireland

8/1 Elan Corp 12/1 Glanbia

12/1 Kerry Group

(Applies to first from list)

All odds from Paddy Power

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