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Wednesday 26 April 2017

Accidental IT managers 'bad for business'

Sarah McCabe

Sarah McCabe

MEN aged over 35 working in small businesses are most likely to end up handling company IT problems – even though they often have no tech training.

Research from Microsoft found that two-thirds of small organisations in Ireland do not have any employees dedicated to managing IT. Instead, this role is usually filled by unqualified senior management. Most companies also said that IT plays a critical role in their success.

A third of these "accidental IT managers" spent three hours a week or up to 6.5 working days a year doing DIY fixes.

"The accidental IT manager is a thankless task. There is a big difference between helping out on small IT issues, versus having to manage an IT infrastructure which they are not equipped for," said Microsoft Ireland director Martin Cullen. "Time spent fire-fighting means loss of productivity."

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