Farm Ireland

Thursday 24 August 2017

Trade on fire as prices solid and stores the biggest sellers

Good quality lots in all categories exceed ¤2/kg

Joe Healy

The mart trade is still on fire, with many establishments reporting further improvement to some of their prices throughout the past week. Stores seem to be the best-sellers at the moment.

Good quality lots in all categories are freely exceeding €2/kg. The best of the weanlings for export are selling for €2.70-3/kg, with €2.50-2.80/kg commonplace for solid R-grade bulls. Continental cull cows are making €1.50-1.80/kg, with the Friesians selling for €1.20-1.70/kg. Strong Friesian suck calves are selling for up to €300, with continentals making up to €450-500/hd.

Kilkenny reported a sharp sale for all stock. Heavy continental steers made €1.70-2.11/kg, with Friesians selling to €1.73/kg. Coloured steers of all weights ranged from €2-2.48/kg. Good Friesians made €1.70-1.88/kg. Continental heifers fit for slaughter sold forr €1.90-2.13/kg. Butcher types weighing 450-535kg were selling for €2-2.30/kg, with a tops of €1,230 or €2.59/kg paid for a 475kg heifer. Stores made €1.80-2.22/kg.

The best of the bulls over 600kg up in Raphoe made €495-970 with the weight. Beef bullocks sold for €570-725 over, with the stores selling for €320-680 over. Well-fleshed heifers made €420-725 over the €/kg. Stores made €305-580 over. Fat cull cows sold up to a high of €1,410, while cows for further feeding made from €670 up.

Ballinakill had 450 cattle on offer, with a smaller number of bullocks and a bigger supply of heifers and weanlings. A plentiful attendance of buyers ensured a very strong trade, especially for quality cattle of all weights.

Heavy bullocks made €1.85-2.15/kg. Forward stores sold from €1.70-2.37/kg. Light stores traded for €1.60-2.45/kg. Beef heifers were selling for €1.80-2.20/kg, with the stores making €1.75-2.30/kg.

Weanling bulls ranged from €1.80-2.50/kg while the heifers sold for €1.75-2.45/kg.

Store cattle were up by €40-50/hd at Enniscorthy. Beef stock were steady. The heavy steers sold for €550-850 over the weight. Finished heifers made €310-660 with their weight. Store bullocks moved at €300-710 over the €/kg. Store heifers were making €300-650 over their weight. Fat cull cows hit a high of €750 over their weight. The rest sold from this back to €50 over.

On Saturday last, Balla Mart had 1,263 cattle on offer. There were over 600 lots of bullocks on offer and they averaged €1.90-3.17/kg. The heifers made €1.97-2.68/kg.The average price of cattle was €184/hd up on the same day last year, while the weanlings were €125/hd dearer than last year. Good quality heavy bullocks made double their weight at €2-2.14/kg or €700-935 with their weight.

Forward stores sold from €2.08-3.17/kg or €425-665 with their weight.


Heifers were trading well and up at least €20 for the quality lots. Prices ran from €2.08-2.79/kg or €1,065-1,465/hd. There was 149 dry cows on offer plus 50 springers and they met a good trade.

Ballymote saw light store bullocks under 400kg make €350-600 over the €/kg.

The 400-600kg steers sold from €400-700 over. Heifers up to 400kg made €300-475 with their weight, while 400-500kg lots ranged from €350-575 over. Some quality, heavier types and ones suitable for breeding made as high as €640 over.

At their annual Belgian Blue sale, the better quality lots sold from €2.50-3/kg with a tops of €3.18/kg. The tops for the heifers was €3.22/kg, while most of the good heifers made €2.40-2.75/kg.

Bull weanlings prices at Carnew's show and sale ranged from €400-600 over with as high as €1,100 over for a few quality lots. Heifer weanlings made €350-500 over their weight.

Up to €900 over was paid for the top quality lots. A special sale of 30 in-calf suckler heifers met with prices of €1,100-1,720/hd.

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