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Friday 22 September 2017

Trade hit as lambs drop ¤8/hd

Sheep MArts

Joe Healy

With the factories using the bank holiday to try and put downward pressure on their quotes and prices, the mart trade suffered.

Lamb prices fell by anything up to €8/hd last week but well-fleshed cull ewes continued to command reasonably good prices of up to €120/hd for heavier lots. Ewes with lambs at foot made up to €260/unit.

In Athenry yesterday, the best of the lambs made up to €71 over. However, this was the exception rather than the rule, as the run for most lambs over 45kg was €55-67 over. Lighter lambs made €45-50 over.

Trade was a tad stronger in the south yesterday, as lambs made up to €76 over the weight at Fermoy Mart. Quite a few of the well-finished heavier type lambs were sold for €65-74 over the weight. Lambs of 43-47kg sold for €58-64 over.

Spring lambs made €100-125 (€60-78 over) at Enniscorthy. Heavy cull ewes sold for €95/hd, to a top price of €120, while store ewes made €48-85 each.

Tullow had 835 sheep on offer, where heavier lambs were back by €2-3/hd and sold for €62-81 over. Store prices fell by €1-2/hd, to a range of €51-60 over. Ewes with lambs at foot sold for €180-232/unit. Cull ewes made €45-100 each.

Kilkenny Mart had a smaller entry due to the change of sale day and prices were back by €6-8/hd on the previous week. Butcher lambs over 48 kg made €2.40-2.57/kg (€70-85 over). Factory lambs from 40-46kg sold for €2.40-2.58/kg (€60-75 over). Depending on flesh and weight, cull ewes ranged from €40-120 each. Ewes with lambs at foot made €200-220/unit.

Mountbellew had a large number of sheep on offer. Prices for stag ewes were firm at €80-118/hd. Lambs met a slightly easier trade compared with the previous week, as did ewes with lambs at foot. Spring lambs sold for €50-60 over the weight and hoggets made €168-184.

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Spring lambs from 38-41kg sold for €97-€105 at Baltinglass Mart, while lighter lambs made up to €85. Cull ewes sold for €57-125. Breeding ewes (three and four-year-olds) with twin lambs made €200-€260/hd, while ewes with singles sold for €130-185.

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