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Wednesday 23 August 2017

EU prepares for overhaul of glyphosate licences

Jean-Claude Juncker

Sarah Collins

The EU is preparing an overhaul of how it authorises GMOs or chemicals such as glyphosate, the vexed weedkiller that was at the centre of a diplomatic row last year.

The EU’s top officials — including European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker (pictured) and health chief Vytenis Andriukaitis — were furious last year after EU countries shirked a decision on whether to renew the herbicide’s EU licence, following a WHO warning that it could

be carcinogenic.

It left the Commission holding the baby on a deeply unpopular issue, just as it was grappling with the migration crisis and Brexit.

A group of NGOs this week launched a petition to ban glyphosate and is confident of getting a million signatures, which will force the EU to act.

The bloc’s chemicals agency is due to report back this summer on glyphosate’s potential to cause cancer.

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