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Friday 21 October 2016

The future of milking

A new hi-tech milking system from Dairymaster also provides farmers with feeding and animal health data

Derek Casey

Published 23/09/2015 | 02:30

Dairymaster's Swiftflo milking parlour system
Dairymaster's Swiftflo milking parlour system

The Kerry-based firm Dairymaster will launch its new hi-tech Swiftflo Commander parlour for next generation milking at this week's Ploughing.

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As herds get larger, there is less time for individual attention during milking so access to the right information is essential.

To that end, Dairymaster says its Swiftflo Commander is a milking parlour 'brain' controlling everything to do with milking, feeding and animal health.

"Data alone has no intrinsic value, it's what you do with the data that creates value," says Edmond Harty of Dairymaster.

"Our Swiftflo Commander gives the farmer a lot more information when and where it's needed.

"Putting this information in people's hands means major benefits on busy dairy farms, and next generation touchpad technology means it is extremely robust, easy to clean and water resistant.

"It also controls the pulsator in a new way which results in a longer life span."

The Swiftflo Commander displays important information such as milk yield, milking time and somatic cell count data (SCC) on each cow.

"One touch allows the operator to control feed at each milking unit," says Mr Harty.

"It can also display when a cow is in heat and draft that cow, with a single touch, for AI or further inspection.

"The Swiftflo Commander can display a cow's SCC as a percentage of the entire herd," says Mr Harty.

"It will also prompt the farmer to do a California Milk Test (CMT) when high SCC information is received so diagnosis and treatment is commenced earlier.

"The farmer can enter information directly from the milking point, for example treatment dates.

"The smart technology automatically retains milk until the withdrawal period is up and it is safe for it to enter the milk tank again.


The system indicates freshly calved cows that enter the parlour and allows colostrum to be diverted.

"It uses speech technology to inform farmers of information at a time when they can react to it."

With more emphasis on hygiene, the cleaning performance of each unit in the parlour is also individually monitored.

The Swiftflo system will be launched at the Dairymaster stand (No 211, Block 3 Row 15) today.

Personnel in attendance will include Edmond and Ned Harty, as well as sales and marketing staff, veterinarians and technical experts on parlour design and milk cooling. Dairymaster are also shortlisted for an innovations award this week for their new parlour.

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