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Friday 20 January 2017

Strong trade drives on prices at all marts

Joe Healy

Published 25/01/2012 | 06:00

Farmers with heavier type lambs are losing money if they are sending them to the factory and getting paid on a 23.5kg carcass, because trade for those lambs is extremely strong at the marts.

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All types of sheep continued to sell very well at the marts in the past week. Young ewes with twin lambs at foot made up to €270, while older ewes with lambs sold for €138-220. Ewes scanned in-lamb made €180-220.

Well-fleshed lambs sold for €63-83 over, or €115-133/hd. Stores made €75-100/hd in the main. Cull ewes for further feeding sold for €60-90/hd, while fat ewes made up to €135/hd.

A good sale at Athenry Mart yesterday resulted in €64-76 over the weight for well-fleshed lambs. Lighter lambs sold for €50-60 over, while plainer and rougher types made closer to €40 over.

Lambs on offer at Fermoy hit a high of €83 over the €/kg when a pen of lambs weighing 48kg/hd sold for €131/hd. But the run of prices for finished lambs was €66-78 over the weight.

Kilkenny Mart had around 700 lambs in a total sale of more than 900 sheep last week. Butcher lamb prices improved by €4-5/hd, selling for €63-77 over. Factory lots improved by €3-4/hd, making €63-74 with their weight. The store trade remained unchanged at €50-65 over.

Baltinglass Mart had a similar trade to the previous week, where lambs of 50-60kg made €115-125/hd. Lambs of 45-50kg lots sold for €90-110, while stores made up to €95/hd. Ewe lambs sold for €90-130/hd. Cull ewes made €75-115/hd and ewes scanned in-lamb sold for up to €180/hd.

Trade was slightly up at Dowra Mart on Saturday, where 780 sheep were offered. The best ewe lambs for future breeding sold for €100-135 each. Heavy lambs made €95-118 and stores for feeding sold for €65-88 each. Cull ewes made €80-110/hd for heavy types, while ewes for feeding sold for €55-78. In-lamb ewes made €120-220, depending on age and quality.

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Mountbellew Mart enjoyed an increase in prices for lambs and cull ewes remained a firm trade. Demand was also lively for ewes with lambs at foot.

Well-fleshed lambs made €64-76 with the €/kg, while cull ewes sold for €73-135/hd. Second-crop ewes with twin lambs at foot sold for €270.

Meal-fed lambs at Maam Cross sold for €60-70.

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