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Sunday 4 December 2016

Store bullocks meet strong demand

Joe Healy

Published 06/11/2013 | 01:00

Light store bullocks and heavy weanling heifers enjoyed the best of the trade over the past week but it proved a tough few days for the other categories.

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Prices for all weights of continental weanling bulls fell, with prices for under-300kg lots running at €2.30-3.10/kg in the main.

Weanlings of 300-400kg made €2.20-2.90/kg, while heavier types sold for €2.10-2.60/kg. Light heifer weanlings made €2.30-3.00 and heavier lots sold for €2.10-2.70/kg.

Prices for store bullocks less than 500kg rose to €2.20-2.90/kg. Heavy steers made €2.10-2.50/kg. Friesians over 500kg sold for €1.60-2.00/kg, with the lighter lots selling at €1.40-1.90/kg. Most of the continental heifers moved at €2.10-2.50/kg.

Quality suckler cows were in good demand, with €1,500-2,000 regularly paid. The best cull cows continue to make up to and over €2/kg. Feeders are making from €1.00-1.50/kg.

A very large entry of approximately 1,500 heifers at Roscommon Mart had to be divided into two sales over a fortnight.

The first sale last Friday saw more than 700 animals offered for sale.


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The top Continentals weighing 450-650kg made up to €3.04/kg, with an average of €2.33/kg paid. A notable feature was the strong interest from Britain, with more than 100 heifers bought for export. The second heifer sale takes place next Friday.

It was a similar story at the pedigree Simmental sale on Saturday, where 34 bulls sold for an average price of €3,522.

The high point of the sale was the €18,500 paid by a British farmer for a quality bull, while two heifers also went to England at more than €10,000 apiece.

A pedigree cow with a calf at foot was bought by a Scottish farmer for €7,000. Overall, the majority of the heifers made €2,000-5,000/hd.

There were fewer weanlings and customers at Kilkenny Mart, resulting in a tougher than usual sale.

Heavy bulls sold for €2.05-2.40/kg or €480-730 with their weight. The 300-400kg bulls moved at €2.00-2.55/kg, with lighter lots making €1.80-2.88/kg.

Heifers under 300kg sold for €2.20-2.86/kg. The 300-400kg heifers made €1.80-2.92/kg, while heavier types sold for €2.15-2.45/kg. Light bullocks under 400kg sold for €2.20-2.95/kg.

Bullocks under 400kg at Ballymote Mart sold for €320-565 over their weight. The 400-500kg lots sold for €410-775 over. Heavier lots sold for €500-820 with the €/kg.

Light heifers made €300-775 over the weight. Heifers over 400kg made €400-800 with their weight.

Store cull Friesian cows sold back to €120 under their weight, while fit continental cows sold for €400-925 with the €/kg. Continental springers due to start calving to an AI Limousin bull this month sold for €1,350-2,300 each.

In the weanling section, light bulls of 200-300kg sold for €300-675 over the weight.

Prices for 300-400kg bulls sold for €350-640 over, heavier lots selling up to €900 over the weight. Weanling heifers made €260-550 over the €/kg.

Trade was steady for the 910 cattle on offer at Dowra last Saturday. Steers over 550kg sold for €2.00-2.40/kg, with the lighter stores making €1.80-2.70/kg.

Weanling bulls over 500 kg made €1.80-2.50/kg while lighter bulls moved at €2.00-3.00/kg. A few fancy lots made €3.00-3.40/kg. Heifers over 550kg sold for €2.00-2.50/kg.


A few quality lots for breeding made up to €2.8/kg while the lighter stores made €1.80-2.70/kg. Weanling heifers moved at €1.80-3.00/kg, with the top heifers making €3.00-3.30/kg.

The best in-calf suckler heifers made €1,800-2,600 and plainer lots sold for €1,200-1,600 each.

Carnew reported a good stable trade, with weanling bulls selling for €380-850 with their weight and heifers making €320-775 over.

At the cattle sale, beef and forward store bullocks sold for €640-970 with their weight. Lighter stores sold for €250-850 over.

Fleshed heifers made €550-970 with the €/kg. Stores sold for €260-750 over. Cull cows ranged from €250 over for feeders and up to €1,100 for heavy continental types fit for slaughter.

In the calf ring, Friesian bull calves sold for €80-175. Continental bull calves made €245-425 while heifers sold for €150-420 each.

Bullocks sold for €1.85-2.85/kg out in Maam Cross. Cull cows ranged from €1.25-1.95/kg. Prices for suckler cows with a calf varied from €1,000-1,400.

Heifers made €1.60-2.75 per kg with one heifer making €1,940. Weanlings moved at €1.60-2.85/kg.

Top-class bulls over 600kg up in Raphoe sold for €465-900 over the weight.

Beef bullocks traded at €385-850 over. Stores made €305-825 with their weight.

Beef heifers sold for €490-945 over the €/kg and stores sold for €300-725 over. Cull cows made €700-1,770 each.

Balla Mart had a very big sale of more than 1,400 cattle, including a big number of heavy bullocks which sold for €800-1,000 with their weight or €1.41-3.01/kg.

Lighter plainer types sold for €600-700 with the weight or €1.79-2.70/kg.


Heifers were up slightly. Light heifers under 400kg sold for €1.37-3.24/kg and heavy lots made €1.64-2.96/kg. The weanling sale had over 600 bulls and 300 heifers on offer.

Light bulls sold for €500-750 with their weight or €1.19-3.16/kg.

Heavier bulls over 350kg made €1.39-3.27/kg.

Heifer weanlings on affer in in Mountbellew mart sold for €300-520 over their weight on the day. Bulls made €295-540 over. A big selection of springers on offer sold for prices ranging from €890-1,570.

Fat cull cows in Ballina hit a high of €1,550/hd, with prices for suckler cows peaking at €1,800/hd ion the ring.

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